Wyandotte Thompson

Alter Ego

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Personal Assistant

Base of Operations

Brachiosaur Inc. (Detroit, MI)



Team Affiliations

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Notable Aliases

The Hanging Munchkin




Rosette LaFronce (ex-wife) Jeanette O'Leary (ex-wife) Colette Stiletto (ex-wife)


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Wyandotte Thompson is the personal assistant of Brachiosaur.


Wyandotte probably led a fairly normal life until he turned eighteen, at which point things started going badly for him. He married a woman, only to be left tied to a bed on his wedding night and divorced the next day, the wedding annuled by the church. He then had to pay alimony from his meager salary. This happened three times, and he later found out that his three ex-wives had since begun having a polyamorous homosexual relationship with each other, and were living quite happily off of his alimony payments. Wyandotte's fortunes turned when he found a job listing which he seemed uniquely qualified for. He went to the job interview and found himself face-to-face with Brachiosaur for the first time. He got the job, and while the salary allowed him to start renting a small, if spartan, apartment (the alimony payments were quite a drain on his finances) the tasks he was required to do became more and more outlandish. One such task is a role in "The Wizard of the Oz" (a Brachiosaur-funded remake of "The Wizard of Oz") as the Hanging Munchkin. He is also familiar with the costumed hero and Paci Custodis element in Detroit, having interacted with Logan Keanu Solo and his group many times. One such time, he helped Player One and Shrugs start their rescue mission of Charleston Charge. This led directly to the battle of the world that came, which Wyandotte was present for, but didn't really do anything at, nor does he remember it. Wyandotte later sought out Charleston Charge for employment at Brachiosaur Inc. This led to Charleston Charge stalking and bothering Wyandotte until Charge accepted the job and went on his way.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Wyandotte participated as a champion of Deity Guy, sans Brachiosaur. He defeated Jonathan Hortenz in the first round, but was defeated by the Gemini Twin Troopers in the second round. He was present for the final battle against the Red Scare.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Wyandotte is participating, once again as a champion of Deity Guy, this time on a team with Brachiosaur. He and his employer lost to Jonathan Hortenz and Steve the Chach in the first round, failing to design a better Robot Master.

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

Wyandotte is embarking on a quest with Professor Nick on behalf of Brachiosaur.


Wyandotte has an inhuman amount of patience, and has exhibited great strength several times, though this is likely surges of adrenaline. He has also proven himself able to rise to any occasion.


Wyandotte considers Logan Keanu Solo his friend, though this is not reciprocated. He guesses that Brachiosaur is also his friend.


Wyandotte really has no enemies, save his ex-wives.