Alter Ego

Thomas Verselli


Drinking, bar-hopping, fighting

Base of Operations

Pick a bar, any bar


Human (Meta-Human)

Team Affiliations

Danger Force


Cromgar the Berserk (on occasion)

Notable Aliases



Becomes super-strong, smart, and beligerent while drinking


His "bros" in the Danger Force


Nerds, hard-asses, posers, people who spill his beer

Late one night, Thomas "T-Bone" Verselli was out drowning his sorrows in a mug of ale (probably a rich, delicious Russian stout) when he was attacked by a bar room thug. T-Bone began to defend himself with an extreme skill no one, including himself, knew he had. He proceeded to fight off an entire gang of bikers, two off-duty police officers on the take, a former marine drill sergeant, and a bartender with a shotgun (the last two of which weren't even involved in the fight). When T-Bone had sobered up the next morning, his strength and stamina had gone. It was then that T-Bone realized drinking was the source of his powers, so he remains in a perpetually drunk state while claiming that he's not drunk at all. All the women love him.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

T-Bone will be participating in this tournament as a champion of Deity Guy. He won against Napkin Vixen in the first round, besting her in a pizza-eating contest. He lost to Get-Off-the-Lawn Guy in the second round in a game of HORSE.