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Toddo is a young boy, and former resident of Moleside. He is a member of Cinco de Mayo.


Toddo was born in Moleside, and lived in its outer village. At one point, Mike P and Baco were attempting to steal Easter and came upon his house. Toddo refused to cooperate, and was dealt with swiftly. Later, he alerted the Easter Bunny about the scheme, and accompanied the mythical figure as Mike P's plan was undone. Years later, Mike P returned to finish his theft of Easter, and kidnapped and bound Toddo. Toddo attempted to reason with him, but failed. He was next seen spying on Charlotte, and then as part of Cinco de Mayo, attacking Fikeb. It is unknown what has happened to him.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Toddo is participating in this tournament as a champion of Lamp Prime, and as part of Cinco de Mayo. They faced the Scottish Boxman in the first round and won, besting him in a gift-wrapping contest. Their second event involved Mister Lucky and a death-trap defying contest. They won, but at a cost. They lost to Charleston Charge in the third round, failing to obtain a bootleg copy of "Homeboys in Outer Space".

Toddo, along with Kareem, was also instrumental in calming the assembled challengers down during the fourth round commencement.


Toddo is far more intelligent and mature than most children his age, and is rather insufferable because of it. He also tries to ply people using morality speeches.


Toddo considers Mike P and Baco to be bad news, but knows that the Assembly of Antagonists is far worse.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Toddo's allies include all current and former members of Cinco de Mayo, at least during his tenure with the team. Unless they died. He is closest to Glob the Blob, however.