The Spork

Alter Ego

William Biffle



Base of Operations

Detroit, MI



Team Affiliations

Paci Custodis

Boy Scouts of America


Napkin Man

Napkin Vixen

Notable Aliases

The Spork Avenger (future version)


Metallurgy and metal-craft

Skilled marksman

Gains super-powers when Napkin Man is in grave danger


They think he's been kidnapped.


All those who do evil in the night

The Spork is a member of the Paci Custodis. He is the sidekick of Napkin Man.


William Biffle was just a normal twelve-year-old boy who went to a movie with parents. However, on that fateful night, he happened upon the Napkin Man being brutalized by zombies and was given the powers of the Paci Custodis to aid him. The trade-off of this was that the Spork immediately forgot about his parents and went to live with Napkin Man, who believed he was an orphan.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

The Spork and Napkin Man are participating in this as champions of Lamp Prime. They lost to Shrugs and his goat, Mortimer, in the first round. They abandoned their challenge to help battle Doctor Greenthumb.


The Spork learned metalcraft and metallurgy for merit badges in the Boy Scouts, and became a skilled marksman as well.

The Spork AvengerEdit

When Napkin Man has been gravely injured, the Spork transforms into the Spork Avenger, who has super-strength, super-agility, and great stamina. He is also fueled by boundless rage, and will remain in this state as long as Napkin Man is in danger. It is speculated that, should Napkin Man perish, then the Spork's transformation will be permanent.

Friends and AlliesEdit

In addition to Napkin Man, the Spork frequently cavorts with Napkin Vixen. The Spork has a mild crush on her.

Mental StateEdit

The Spork's most prominent mental deficiency after receiving the Paci Custodis power was believing that he was an orphan. While he does not reciprocate Napkin Man's supposed feelings for him, he does sing this song while on patrol:

Napkin Man, and the Spork!

Running around, doing stuff!

After they fight crime, they'll get pie!

It's hero pie!

Delicious pie made with apples and cherries!

The Spork likes cherries, Napkin Man doesn't!


Weapons and ParaphernaliaEdit

The Spork's main weapon is a gun that shoots sporks. He designed and built the weapon himself. He also uses a stainless steel spork for hand-to-hand combat.