Steve the Chach

Alter Ego

Steven Chacciorone



Base of Operations

A room in his frat house, Brianna's dorm room



Team Affiliations

No information


Jonathan Hortenz, Robert "Bobby Special" Koenig, Brianna

Notable Aliases

El Wango Grande, Jake the Snake (both self-proclaimed)


Being the most beligerently stupid human being in the world.


Truman Chacciorone (younger brother)


No information

Steve the Chach is just some jerk, really. A frat jerk. From a frat.


Steven Chacciorone, or "Steve the Chach" as he's called by pretty much everyone, is a fraternity brother of Alpha Beta Gamma and internet icon, the latter of which he achieved by putting up reviews of movies on youtube. He likes to drink, likes to be stupid, likes to play corn hole and beer pong, likes to pretend he's a tough guy, and likes to (attempt to) cheat on his girlfriend Brianna.

At one point, Steve realized that he would need to get a job that pays more than he makes while working at Arby's, so Steve applied for a work study program sponsored by his college. Citing film (written as "mooveys" on his application) as an interest, Steve was directed to Jonathan Hortenz the film critic, who somehow became convinced that Steve wasn't just some jerk and hired him on the spot. Jonathan learned very quickly that Steve is probably the dumbest man on the planet.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Steve and Jonathan are participating as champions of Deity Guy, and went on to design a better Robot Master than Wyandotte Thompson and Brachiosaur in the first round. They defeated Kyle Albertson in the second round, managing to escape Premium Purchase without succumbing to their temptations. They beat CAST in the third round, surprisingly thanks to Steve himself guessing the proper James Bond quote. In the fourth round, they defeated Kareem and the Camel by performing a more tactical strike. They are facing Mike P in the fifth round.