The Righteous Smidgen II

Alter Ego

Henry Hoch



Base of Operations

Mobile (Paragon Platform)


Human (Meta-Human)

Team Affiliations

Paragon People


No information

Notable Aliases

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Excellent strength, agility, and dexterity

Ability to grow and shrink at will


Righteous Smidgen (Johann Hoch) (father)

Jadzia Hoch (mother)


The Stupid

The second Righteous Smidgen is a member of the Paragon People.


In the late forties, the Righteous Smidgen retaliated against a villain known as Lord Saurus (sometimes referred to as Sarian), as the villain had attacked the wedding of Paragon and Miss Communications. They both became stuck in a roving microcosm of reality referred to as the Dinosaur Planet, and the Smidgen was thought lost to the world. However, he had met a warrior woman whom he named Jadzia and taught English to, while Lord Saurus seemingly perished. They eventually had a wedding ceremony of their own and gave birth to a son, Henry, who inherited his father's scientific knowledge and size-altering ability and his mother's fighting prowess. He spent some time trying to fix his father's shrinking machine, but was only successful once the Animajor and Gemini Twin Troopers came to the Dinosaur Planet for an event in March Meekrat Madness 2010. After the Animajor won, Henry made them all grow and immediately wowed the Stupid by taking down an allosaurus. He also discovered that his father's ability, which was machine-enabled, was a latent ability for him. He took the name the Righteous Smidgen, and was welcomed by the forces of Evil.

Over the course of MMM2010, the Stupid sought to gain the Righteous Smidgen's trust, which did not take much effort since the Smidgen had struck up a friendship with the Animajor. This led to the Righteous Smidgen being launched into Baggy Jeuss O'Malley the Jew's brain, causing the creature to go insane. It took the combined forces of Mister Lucky, Agent Villain, Doctor Derangemo, Captain Zimball, and Diamond Destiny to get the Smidgen to stop. After he did, everything was fine and he was transported to the middle of nowhere with the Animajor at the culmination of the tournament where he went to go visit the Paragon People.

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

The Righteous Smidgen is set to participate in this year's events.


In addition to scientific knowledge learned from his father and fighting prowess learned from his mother, the Righteous Smidgen can grow and shrink at will. It is unknown whether there's a limit to how much he can shrink, but he can't grow beyond his normal dimensions. He retains his physical abilities when shrunk.


He dislikes the Stupid immensely for deceiving him.

Friends and AlliesEdit

The Smidgen's only known friend is the Animajor, though it's a safe bet that he can count the Paragon People among his allies.