Mad Monkey Jesus

Alter Ego

J. Edwards Monkeyton



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Bearded saki

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Crazy Jesus

Notable Aliases

Mister Wiggles


As a monkey, can do monkey things.

Exceptional throwing arm


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Mad Monkey Jesus is a monkey who is dressed like Jesus.


J. Edward Monkeyton was born in a private menagerie and given to a rich man's son to do what he wished. What the rich man's son wished was to train this monkey to act like a person, and he did so, with moderate results. However, once the son came of age, he left to join the priesthood and took J. Edward Monkeyton with him. Upon the urging of the other candidates, he dressed J. Edward Monkeyton up like Jesus (he already had a beard) which made him quite angry, and so the other candidates began to call him Mad Monkey Jesus, much to the chagrin of pretty much all the authority figures involved.

One day, while praying, the rich man's son decided that Mad Monkey Jesus might be less angry if he were allowed to explore the world, and so Mad Monkey Jesus left with the blessing of several priests, who had grown used to the blasphemous saki. Mad Monkey Jesus' adventures were varied, but usually involved him somehow interfering in some sort of dispute and somehow making it look as though a miracle had occurred. This was really just blind luck, however. Other times it would simply involve him losing his temper and throttling some poor schmuck.

Eventually, Mad Monkey Jesus met Crazy Jesus, and the pair hit it off and began traveling together, frequently sowing (and then fixing) minor chaos.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Mad Monkey Jesus and Crazy Jesus are participating in this as champions of Deity Guy, but lost against Doctor Derangemo and Tampon-Bot in the first round in an effort to steal something from Castle Valerium.


Mad Monkey Jesus is a monkey, so he can do monkey things. He also has very good luck and a very bad temper. He also has a very good throwing arm, and high intelligence.


While Mad Monkey Jesus is quite an angry fellow, he doesn't have enemies so much as people he throttles. However, he and Crazy Jesus have made frequent raids on Castle Valerium, the home of Doctor Derangemo, and have no doubt earned his ire.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Mad Monkey Jesus has few friends, due to his anger, though Crazy Jesus has stuck by him.

Weapons and ParaphernaliaEdit

On one raid, Mad Monkey Jesus stole a wet-bag from Castle Valerium, whose purpose was to keep wet things wet without getting the bearer wet. He shoved it with dirt and put it under his robes, and tosses the wet dirt at people. They usually think it's something else, which amuses Mad Monkey Jesus.