Jimmy Swift

Alter Ego

James Swift the III



Base of Operations

Detroit, MI



Team Affiliations

Paci Custodis


Logan Keanu Solo's group

Notable Aliases


The Swift One


Some lawyering skill


No information


F'haat Tohtoa

Jimmy Swift is a lawyer, and also a member of the Paci Custodis.


Jimmy Swift was an arrogant sort of fellow who eventually decided that his calling in life was the law. He went to law school, making no friends and getting poor grades, but eventually finished and passed the bar, somehow. He then went about making a complete fool of himself during trials, a fact which was not helped when he was hit by the Paci Custodis power and found himself (unwillingly) thrust into the world of the supernatural. Jimmy wouldn't give up without a fight, though, and his denial of his new-found status had repercussions. However, he continued to practice law and aid Logan Keanu Solo's group for reasons that are his own.

Jimmy Swift was one of the "heroes" who attended the battle for the world that came, and later represented Charleston Charge when he was on trial. He did a poor job.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Jimmy Swift participated as a champion of Lamp Prime, facing (and losing against) Shizamablock in the first round. However, he later appeared on the planetoid the tournament was taking place upon as a legal representative for Viacom. He later participated, unwillingly, in the battle against the Red Scare.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Jimmy is once again participating as a champion of Lamp Prime, this time teamed-up with Kim-kim the Monkey. They defeated Cowboy Santa and Elfie in the first round in a sidekick tossing contest, but lost to the Forgiver and Go-To Guy in the second round when they played "Where the Blazes are Jimmy Swift and Go-To Guy?"

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

After going about his business, he was consumed by his derangement and started running around thinking he was a Russian soldier, followed by Graves.


Jimmy Swift has some lawyering and fighting skills, but if he were left to his own devices, he'd surely perish, one way or the other.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Jimmy Swift is an arrogant jerk, yet he seems to get along well with Logan Keanu Solo's group.


Jimmy Swift has many enemies, but the most notable is F'hatt Tohtoa, who is an alien space-dog who thinks that he's destined to face Jimmy Swift in a final battle for the fate of his planet. Due to this, he is unwilling to let Jimmy be defeated in his arena of choice (the courtroom) and will often come in at the last possible moment with damning evidence which allows Jimmy to win the case.

Mental StateEdit

Due to Jimmy's unwillingness to accept his status as a Paci Custodis, when he is stressed, he will believe he is a soldier fighting a battle. Any battle. He could think he's a Spartan defending the pass, or a dougboy fighting World War I.