Get-Off-the-Lawn Guy

Alter Ego

Max Schenebergstein


Certified Public Accountant (retired)

Base of Operations

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Team Affiliations

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Notable Aliases

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Yells and shakes cane at whippersnappers very well




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Max had a family and friends and a job once, but he sold them all for a few more dollars that he promptly stuffed under the unused side of his mattress. He was forced to retire the company caught wind of the attempt to sell the company to the competitor. Max has spend the last forty years yelling at kids because he already sold his.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Get-Off-the-Lawn Guy will be participating in this as a champion of Deity Guy. He won against Frito Lamp in the first round, not by beating him in a fishing contest, but by disqualification. He defeated Tommo in the second round in a game of HORSE, but lost to Kareem and the Camel in the third round by failing to mow his lawn as well as they.