Alter Ego

Brian Frink



Base of Operations

Tiffin, OH


Human (alternate dimension)

Team Affiliations



Benji the Hunted

Notable Aliases

D'larej Nes'hanjo


Super-strength (while solid)


Flight (while intangible)

Invisibility (while intangible)


Mister Frink (adopted father)


Infarious Eleven

Crazy Azz Crocker Park Bicycle Pozze

Fadeaway is super-hero and leader of the Neo-Bassets.


Brian Frink was born in another dimension, one ruled by an iron-fisted tyrant who had enslaved its people. Each and every day, he longed for freedom, and sought a way to overthrow the tyrant and make a better life for his people. One day, he met another rebel who had constructed a machine made for inter-dimensional travel, and Brain decided to travel to find allies in his quest for peace. However, the machine didn't work as planned. Once he reached the other dimension, he discovered he could become invisible and intangible at will, and that he could fly while in this state. After a brief period of experimentation, he collapsed and was found by Mister Frink, who decided to save the boy. He injected him with Element Frink, which gave him super-strength, and eventually Brian was able to live in our dimension without fear of collapse. However, he still had to find champions to help him fight the tyrant, and then find a way back to his home dimension. Mister Frink understood and adopted the young man, naming him Brian.

Brian Frink decided to use his powers as a force for good, and dubbed himself Fadeaway. The first ally he found was a stray terrier whom he named Benji the Hunted, after the film. Mister Frink injected Benji with Element Frink, and the dog gained super-speed and super-strength. The next ally was El Santo, who came to Tiffin as part of a masked wrestler show. He helped Fadeaway stop the Infarious Eleven, and then Frink injected him with Element Frink to augment his already great power. The final two allies were Purple Lamp and his sidekick, Slink-E. Together, they became the Neo-Bassets, and began fighting for truth and justice in the Ohio area, all the while being subtly tested by Fadeaway to see if they could help him in his quest.

Fadeaway was present at the battle of the world that came, but remembers none of it. Later, he was part of the strike force that attacked the Red Scare's asylum.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Fadeaway is participating in this as a champion of Lamp Prime, and lost to Charleston Charge in the first round.


Fadeaway has super-strength while solid due to his exposure to Element Frink. He can also turn intangible, and while intangible, can turn invisible and fly. This is due to his interdimensional nature.


Fadeaway's best friend is Benji the Hunted. He also considers his other Neo-Basset teammates his friends, no matter how insufferable they get.


The Neo-Bassets have many enemies, chief among them the Infarious Eleven. They are also menaced by the Crazy Azz Crocker Park Bicycle Pozze whenever they wish to go shopping in Crocker Park.