Alter Ego

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Base of Operations



Digital being (cube-class)

Team Affiliations

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Evil Pyramid

Tiny Pyramid

Nancy Roth (former)

Stella Octangula

Notable Aliases

Plasticine Cube

Evil Pyramid


Master of disguise

Ineffective laser


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Plasticine Cube

Metallic Spheroid

Papery Pyramid


Kid Cube

Cy-Cube-Borg is a cyborg cube who showed up claiming to be Plasticine Cube.


Be warned, traveler: There be spoilers ahead.
Some time after the supposed death of Plasticine Cube, four cubes came, all claiming to be him. or at least saying they wanted to continue his legacy. Cy-Cube-Borg was one of these. When Metallic Spheroid expressed doubts about Cy-Cube-Borg's identity, he shot him with his ineffective laser. Cy-Cube-Borg somehow shot him in the eye (while screaming "Die, doer of good! DIE!") and continued as the fourth cube, Steel Cube arrived. When Eradicuber began singing and making whooshing noises, Cy-Cube-Borg pulled out a gun and shot him to death. He then fled to enlist the aid of Evil Pyramid and Tiny Pyramid in an evil scheme.

Cy-Cube-Borg was next seen masquerading as Evil Pyramid, and watched as Nancy Roth gained omnipotence. He then shot Scientist Pyramid, just to show how evil he was. He even lied about telling Metallic Spheroid his master plan, opting to send the heroes to the Arena of Sport instead. Some time later, he expressed horror upon meeting Oblong Quadrilateral, but still considered the misbegotten create a step above the other life-forms of cyberspace. His horror quickly turned to anger, especially when the real Evil Pyramid arrived and informed him that Plasticine Cube was alive. He ended his masquerade, and was present for the confrontation between Metallic Spheroid, Plasticine Cube, and Nancy Roth. He accepted defeat rather gracefully, though sarcastically.

Time-Sync Mind-WarpEdit

Cy-Cube-Borg and his fellows were later joined by Stella Octangula, who made them wear clothes. Cy-Cube-Borg was horrified that his enemies would see him in his new wardrobe, and stood idly by when Metallic Spheroid and Plasticine Cube came to stop her.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Cy-Cube-Borg will be participating in this as a champion of the Stupid. He was joined by Evil Pyramid and Tiny Pyramid, but they lost to Charlie Charleston in the first round in a pants-off dance-off.


Cy-Cube-Borg is a master of disguise. He also has an ineffective laser, and he likes to shoot people.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Cy-Cube-Borg's only true allies are Evil Pyramid and Tiny Pyramid.


Cy-Cube-Borg's enemies include most of the other denizens of Cyberspace.