Clyde, the Embryonic Man

Alter Ego





Base of Operations

Astounding Superhero Syndicate HQ (Detroit, MI)


Embryo (human)

Team Affiliations

Astounding Superhero Syndicate


No information

Notable Aliases

No information





El Scientist Magnifico (adopted father)


Chuckles Fairbanks

Clyde, the Embryonic Man is a super-hero and acting receptionist of the Astounding Superhero Syndicate.


In the early nineties, Chess Team Strike Force Omega went on what was to be their only mission. During this mission, a dying woman pleaded with them to take her baby. One of the members agreed, but it turned out that it was still in its embryonic stage. They put it in a jar and brought it back to their taskmaster, Mark King, who had no idea what to do with it. He handed it off to El Scientist Magnifico, who sought to guide it through the rest of its stages. While he did manage to keep it alive, it never progressed past its embryo stage, and simply grew and developed telepathy and telekinesis. While he does go on sporadic field missions, he mainly acts as the receptionist and dispatcher of the Astounding Superhero Syndicate.

Clyde spends most of his down-time playing poker, smoking cigars, and drinking.

Choose Your Own BlogventureEdit

Clyde was contacted by Player One, and proceeded to contact the Forgiver on his behalf.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Clyde is going to be participating in this as a champion of Lamp Prime, and he will be facing Mister Lucky in the first round.


Clyde has telekinesis and telepathy, both of which he needs in order to interact with others and the world around him.


Clyde hates clowns, and hates Chuckles Fairbanks most of all.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Clyde has an antagonistic personality, and therefore has few friends, though many do put up with him. He has many allies among the Astounding Superhero Syndicate, however.