Charlie Charleston

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Charleston dancer

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Able to dance the Charleston really well.


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Charleston Hate Imp

Charlie Charleston is a guy who can dance the Charleston really, really well.


Not much is known of Charlie's past. When the Charleston rose to prominence, he changed his last name to "Charleston" and became the best Charleston dancer ever. This would not be a problem, except that he made sure every single person he ever met knew it. After some time, the hatred of all the Universe for Charlie Charleston gave birth to the Charleston Hate Imp. One touch from this Imp ended Charlie's life.

Not Even Hell Will Take HimEdit

However, neither Heaven nor Hell would take him. Nor would any other type of Afterlife, and so Charlie was re-birthed to annoy again. Eventually, the Hate Imp returned as well, and touched Charlie again, once again killing him. This cycle will continue ad infinitum.

The World That CameEdit

Charlie Charleston appeared briefly at the battle for the world that came. Everything stopped until the Hate Imp appeared. It's quite possible that Charlie remembers the battle, but no one really cares what he thinks.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Charlie Charleston is participating as a champion of the Stupid. He defeated Evil Pyramid, Tiny Pyramid, and Cy-Cube-Borg in the first round in a pants-off dance-off but lost to Agent Villain in the second round, losing his life in the process. He got better.


As mentioned, his talents seem to only include dancing the Charleston very well and annoying people because of it.

Charleston Hate ImpEdit

While Charlie has earned the hatred of the entire world, his main enemy is the Charleston Hate Imp. It is unknown what the Imp does in his downtime, and whether or not he only lives when he is needed.

Friends and AlliesEdit

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