Cinco de Mayo



Cinco de Mayo was founded by Lamp Prime in order to protect the universe from evil. Jerald is the field leader and only steady member.


Cinco de Mayo has a long history. One of their most recent adventures involved stopping the Count Fikeb from accidentally destroying the time-stream, eventually teaming-up with him to stop the Assembly of Antagonists. It is unknown whether or not they succeeded, but considering how the next time they were seen, they had lost a member and Megia had blown up, it's doubtful.

Race Against the SunEdit

Cinco de Mayo attempted to save Free Comic Book Day from Elvin Clovar at the behest of Lamp Prime. They did this by teaming-up with Free Comic Book Day Man.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

The group is participating in this as champions of Lamp Prime. They won their first event, a gift-wrapping contest against the Scottish Boxman. In the second round, they won their event against Mister Lucky, which was a death-trap defying contest. In third round, they lost to Charleston Charge by failing to obtain a bootleg copy of "Homeboys in Outer Space".

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