Captain Zimball

Alter Ego

Tyrone Zimball


Sea Captain


Base of Operations

The Seven Seas



Team Affiliations

Astounding Superhero Syndicate


Hydro Knight

Notable Aliases

No information


Exceptional seamanship

Great strength


No information


Master Trawler

Man O. Tee

Captain Zimball is a sea captain, and a member of the Astounding Superhero Syndicate.


Tyrone Zimball was born in a suburban town outside Detroit, MI and expressed an interest in sailing and whatnot at a very young age. He sought to make his dreams of sailing the seas a reality, and joined the Navy for several years once he came of age. While he appreciated the training they gave him, he knew that life was not for him, and he used his earnings to purchase a boat and make a name for himself as Captain Zimball, specializing in transporting people and cargo across the seven seas. This served him well for several years, but eventually injustice surfaced and Zimball decided to exact some high seas justice. This lead to him catching Mark King's eye, who invited him to join the Astounding Superhero Syndicate. Zimball accepted, despite not really considering himself a super-hero, and regularly transports the team across the seas. Mark King also paid for Zimball to outfit his boat with transforming technology, so that it can also turn into a submarine. He rarely uses this function.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Captain Zimball is participating in this as a champion of Deity Guy, and lost to Kyle Albertson in the first round, not being able to stomach a Dawn of the Dead slash-fic.


Captain Zimball is an exceptional seaman, and quite strong.


Zimball's major antagonists are the Master Trawler and Man O. Tee.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Zimball has a friendship with the Hydro Knight, mainly because they both serve out justice on the high seas and share the same rogues' gallery.