Baggy Satan

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Nantucket, NJ



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Nantucket Dragon Group


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Hell magics


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Basset Hound Brigade

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Baggy Satan is a demon chimney-sweep who is summoned when the Nantucket Dragon Group combine the powers of their rings.



When Hell was handing out the jobs, Baggy Satan was out taking a wicked piss. As a result, Baggy Satan got saddled with the occupation of "demon chimney-sweep"--and, considering that Hell is filled with ash and flame, it is an understatement to say that Baggy Satan had his work cut out for him. Even so, Hell's chimneys had to be swept, and so Baggy Satan soiled his clothes, developed a Cockney accent, and went about his appointed task without question for centuries. And then he was called by the rings.

Alliance with Nantucket Dragon GroupEdit

In the 1920s, Baggy Satan was summoned when the Nantucket Dragon Group combined the powers of their rings. Though he was a low-level demon without access to a large variety of what one might expect a demon to be able to do, Baggy Satan was able to perform a few assorted tricks here-and-there, such as basic fire manipulation and pizzamancy, the latter of which he used to create the accursed golem known as the Pizza Bear.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Baggy Satan will be participating in this as a champion of the Stupid. He defeated Squibbons Johnson in a drinking contest, and defeated Honky Kong in the second round by being able to keep hold of his sanity longer while watching "Rock Opera". He defeated the Red Scare in the third round, accidentally dealing out more death and destruction in Godonostan. In the fourth round, he lost to Leo Leopolous after attacking Deity Guy's champions.

Baggy Satan was also summoned by the Nantucket Dragon Group to help them combat the Stupid. Baggy Satan refused to attack the Stupid, but did teleport the Group to safety.